Re-Framing the Politics of Design

The design of a building, a neighbourhood, a park, a city or a landscape is never neutral, but inevitably politically coloured. Some people or population groups have a dominant voice in the design process, others do not or remain under the radar. In addition, other relevant actors - such as the landscape or nature - have rights but no voice.

On the basis of projects in Limburg, Re-Framing the Politics of Design is looking for a new language that is aware of the political role of design. A language that makes a debate possible between the very diverse actors who may or may not be involved. A host of international experts reflect on how designers can care for others and for a sustainable and inclusive future of our planet.

Re-Framing the Politics of Design
15 x 20 cm, 232 pag., softcover
Editors: Liesbeth Huybrechts, Oswald Devisch, Virginia Tassinari
Texts: Liesbeth Huybrechts, Oswald Devisch, Virginia Tassinari, Andy Weir, Barbara Roosen, Bart Van Gassen, Ben Hagenaars, Bert Villa, Ciel Grommen, Els Vervloesem, Hannelore Goyens, Jan Schreurs, Jenny Stieglitz, Judith Seng, Julie Marin, Luigi Coppola, Mela Zuljevic, Roel De Ridder en Sarah Martens
Graphic design: Benjamin Sporken
Copy editor: Patrick Lennon
This publication was realised in cooperation with UHasselt
ISBN 9789491789304
Price: 30,00 €
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